Bill Harding

Career Profile

With a love for excellence in software, you can find Bill both in and out of the work-place sharpening his craft. In addition to 13 years of professional software development he completed a Masters in Computer Science in 2016. Driven to make the work-place a fulfilling and enjoyable place, he excels at bringing a positive and can-do attitude to work every day.


Senior Software Engineer
Calendly Oct 2022-Present

Senior Software Engineer
Dialexa May 2022-Oct 2022

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer ChMS 2020-2022

Technologies: PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, React, Git, GitHub

Senior Software Engineer (III)
Boeing 2019-2020

Technologies: Python, C#, JavaScript, Jenkins, GitLab, Kubernetes/OpenShift

Senior Software Engineer
MasterCard 2018-2019

Technologies: Angular 4/5, Jasmine/Karma, Java, JUnit, Spring Boot, Chef (Infrastructure as Code), Maven, Jenkins

Software Engineer (I, II, III)
Boeing 2009-2018

Technologies: C++ 11/14, gnu tools (g++, gdb), Python, BOOST, git, Visual Studio 2010/2015, Agile

LinkedIn Recommendations

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"I worked with Bill at Breeze, where he served as a Senior Software Engineer and I was the Director of Engineering. Bill was a fantastic team member, a strong technical lead, and an overall great person to work alongside. While at Breeze, he took on large, complex projects and was always successful at seeing them through. One of the more complex projects involved rewriting the core query engine powering our platform API. He spent lots of time tracing queries, digging into performance metrics, and ultimately, figuring out and rewriting the code that was causing slow response times from the API. It was an honor and a joy working with Bill and I would highly recommend him for any Senior Engineering roles!"
- Alex Ortiz-Rosado

"Not only is Bill an intelligent software engineer, he is an excellent teammate. He is always willing to lend a hand, and his positive attitude is infectious. He is a quick learner, an able coach, and a kind person. He would be a great addition to any team."
- Nicole Lee

"I had the pleasure of working on several projects with Bill, and his technical competence, reliability, humility, and team focus were his standout traits. Bill takes requirements, fills in the gaps, and has already thought about edge cases before most people understand what's being asked. Everyone would vie to have Bill on their team. I recommend him highly!"
- Emily Yankush

"Bill was a software engineer working on the same projects. I was the Test Director for the F15E simulator program. Bill was knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and always willing to work harder to come up with software issue fixes. Aside from his professionalism and great work ethic, Bill is one of the most friendly and amicable guys I know. A pleasure to work with and a great asset to any program."
- C. W. McCreary

Personal Projects

HuddleSync - A Group Meeting Time Coordination App. Developed in Ruby on Rails.
Secure Multi-Party Computation - Line Intersection - A secure multiparty application for two parties to determine whether they have intersecting line segments without revealing any information about their line segments to the other party. Implemented using Java.
KoolKash - Digital Cash Protocol - An implementation of the fourth digital cash protocol in Bruce Schneier’s Applied Cryptography. Implemented in C++, using gcc, SCONS and the BOOST unit test framework for unit testing the cryptographic algorithms. It is all containerized using Docker.
Adaptive Critic Designs using Artificial Neural Networks - Application of Adaptive Critic Designs (Adaptive Dynamic Programming) to the Cart-Pole problem using Neural Networks. Developed in MATLAB 2012a.